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Maybe you're looking for Cara Alami Cepat Hamil, pregnant or how fast the pregnant eithernaturally or with medical help. This could be you do because it failed to get thechildren.

When we want to quickly get pregnant, surely it should be coupled with aneffort/endeavor that is worth it isn't it? Well, the quick tips below and hopefullybecome pregnant can assist you in planning the program pregnant and can run with ease

1. Quick Tips in order to get pregnant; Boost fertility

The first step to do is to increase the fertility of the womb of his wife, and the husband's sperm quality also. This one can be done by consuming healthy food withgood nutrition.

For it can by consuming milk, chickenavocado, sprouts, etc. For the husband can be afish, eggs, meatand others. The bottom line; healthy food 4 5 perfect course.

2. Quick Tips next pregnant; Know your fertile period

In order to make the program more efficient you become pregnant, one way to dothis is to find out your fertile period/the wife. The fertile period is a time where theovum in conditions most ready to fertilized by sperm.

According to Prof. Paula Hillard, m.d.an expert Obgin and Gynecologist at StanfordUniversity School of Medicine, Palo Alto, California, USA, it would be better if knoweach menstrual cycle and from there the fertile period can count easily. Suppose yourmenstrual cycle is 28 days, then your optimal fertile period is day 12 and day to 16after menstruation. If sex at this time then the chance of getting pregnant are greaterthan any other time.

3. use the help assay fertile period

If necessary, you can use the fertile period is a urine test that is now sold inpharmacies. With this tool you could know more for sure if already logged in to yourfertile period or not.

Ideally, the fertile period of tests performed on a span of 11.00-15.00 wib or 17.00-22.00 pm.

4. How fast is pregnant; The position of the relationship of husband and wife

The position of the sex being performed can also support the lho. Some certain sexpositions can give a larger percentage of success is pregnant.

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Among them is the position where the missionaris husband are above. Position, body condition, and the force of gravity allows the sperm to "swim" farther and closer tothe egg.

5. Tips a pregnant fast; Lying down after touch

Well, these tips can be done right after you deal with the husband. According toJames Goldfarb, MD, Director of the fertility clinic of Cleveland, in Cleveland, the United States, it is advisable to lay down for 10-15 minutes after touch. Thus the sperm have a greater chance of reaching the egg.

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In addition, it is recommended also to let his wife (sorry) to pee before you connect,so there is no need to rush the toilet after you connect.

6. Tips a pregnant program; Adjust the frequency of sex

In the past, one way for a pregnant fast is to have sex as often as possible. Actually,this could result in the number of sperm quality declines if too often excluded.

Give your time to taste sperm so that the husband could come back ready.

7. How fast the next pregnant: the pattern of healthy living.

Subtract staying up, avoid smoking and alcohol, keep the diet and healthy food.Smoking can cause clogged falopian channels so that the journeys of sperm towardsthe egg cell is obstructed.

Do also sports to taste, don't overdo it. If we exercise excessive pituitary gland, it is likely not to stimulate the egg to ovulate, so the chance of conceiving more reduced.

8. other pregnant Quick Tips; keep your body weight

Excess fat deposits can lead to excess estrogen that makes irregular ovulation. On the contrary, too thin could cause a deficiency of estrogen so it is difficult to conceive.

Ideally you have weight in accordance with the body mass index (BMI), there are inthe range of 18.5-24.9. How to find out your BMI: body weight/height squared in meters. For example; your weight is 50 Kg, height 160 cm. Then your BMI is 50/1.62 =19.5 kg/m2. There is in the normal range.

9. avoid intercourse when lubrican

Lubrican/lubricant can indeed improve the quality of your sex. But on the other hand, it can also damage the sperm so that minimize the chances of getting pregnant. Doenough foreplay as substitute lubrican

10. Relax, avoid stress

Desire in order to quickly get pregnant if not controlled can lead to stress as well.Stress can lower the body's condition and eventually even makes your chance of conceiving is smaller.

11. check to a specialist.

When you've been trying the maximum for 1-2 years but have yet to get the childrenalso, it is worth consulting your doctor. Menurtu WHO, infertility is the absence ofpregnancy after 1-2 years related normally without contraception, pregnancy does not occur, however.

If you are over 35 years old and the pregnancy does not occur within the first 6 months, it's good to also consult a doctor. Thus, in case of certain health conditionsthat inhibit pregnancy on one partner can be immediately known and performed acts of treatment or therapy, if needed.

12. Tips from other colleagues/experts.

Other businesses that you can do in order to get pregnant fast is to learn and follow the quick tips from the doctor or the maternity wing of this. Usually, they are backed up with the necessary information and knowledge so that it can help you better.